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Recovering Heroin Addict. This is my story

Anonymous said: How do you know when enough is enough? I'm told i still have a run in me. I wish I could message you off of this but it's only allowing me to A question.

Anyone could have “another run” in them - some people in recovery say that they just know their next run will be their last. The only way an addict can tell when enough is enough is when they’re basically sick and tired of being sick and tired, and willing to do something about it. Ready to throw their hands up and do what needs to be done - for some that means cutting off some “friends”, detoxing, rehab, whatever is necessary. But you have to really want to stop living the life you’re living, and stop for yourself. Stopping for anyone else will inevitably result in you using again.


2. October 2014

Anyone know where to get any party favors? Preferring some snow right now but anything good will do.

Where did it start? Houston.
Back for who knows how long.